As most of you know, back in February, Agape Tennis Academy was selected as the most “responsible and responsive” firm to manage the City of Atlanta tennis centers. This includes McGhee, Washington, Piedmont, Bitsy, and Chastain Park. As of May 9th, Agape received notice from the City that the bid was cancelled. We have been told that it will be re-bid soon. It is very important that the Atlanta city officials and council members hear from you and hear from you frequently. This can be a phone call, email, written letter, dropped off letter to City Hall, or a personal trip to City Hall. The voice of our tennis community at Agape needs to be made known.

Agape was created in 2012 to be a place where everyone in the community could go to feel supported, encouraged, welcomed, and loved. The word Agape means unconditional love. We have a culture of coaches who care deeply about our community and all the people in it. It is especially important that our youth have a place to go to not only become great tennis players, but also to become great people and our future leaders. Young people today desperately need to know that there are adults who care about them and who are willing to help them navigate life.At Agape, we use H.E.A.R.T, Honesty, Excellence, Attitude, Responsibility, Teamwork as a set of core values to guide our youth.

Agape cares equally about tennis players of all skill levels, ages, and backgrounds. We believe every segment of the tennis community deserves to feel valued and supported whether the goal is to play high school tennis, college tennis, learn the sport for the first time, join an adult team, meet new friends in the community, or to simply enjoy some fun and exercise in a recreational setting. In addition to making sure our clients and coaches are all equally valued and supported, we believe that every tennis center we manage should be equally valued and supported. Each tennis center in the City should have equitable facility conditions, coaching, programming, pro shops, events, and overall value and care.Every client, coach, and facility that Agape manages will be heard, valued, and supported, equally.

Most recently, we have learned that there will be some public information meetings for everyone in the tennis community to attend in the coming weeks.We welcome you all to come out and voice your opinions. As soon as the dates and locations are confirmed, we will let you all know.

It would mean a lot to us and be very helpful if you could write a letter, make a phone call, send an email, visit City Hall in person, and/or let the city officials and council members know about your experiences with Agape or why Agape is the best fit for the City of Atlanta, today’s youth, and the community as a whole. Below is the list of city officials and their email addresses. You may cut and paste all of the email addresses listed below into your email or personally address the different officials.

Keisha Lance Bottoms – Mayor
Council Pres. Felicia Moore
District 1 Carla Smith
District 2 Amir Farokhi
District 3 Antonio Brown
District 4 Cleta Winslow
District 5 Natalyn Mosby Archibong
District 6 Jennifer Ide
District 7 Howard Shook
District 8 J.P. Matzigkeit
District 9 Dustin Hillis
District 10 Andrea Boone
District 11 Marci Collier Overstreet
District 12 Joyce Sheperd
At Large Michael Julian Bond
At Large Matt Westmoreland
At Large Andre Dickens
John Dargle- Parks & Recreation Commissioner
Doug Voss – Director of Parks

Together, Agape Tennis Academy and the City of Atlanta can create a beloved community.

P.S. If you would like a free Agape tee, sign, or car magnet to show your support stop by the pro shop and we will gladly hook you up!

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– Your Agape Team